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Are all of your products gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free, peanut free? Yes!

What IS in your cupcakes? Our kind cakes may be gluten-free and free of dairy, eggs, nuts, soy and wheat, but they are FULL of flavor. We rolled up our sleeves, researched, baked, taste tested, then baked again and taste tested again (and again) to find substitutes for those ingredients that many people are allergic or sensitive to without compromising flavor and quality. Learn more about The Kind Cake Founder, Joanna Gaston's, experiences with food allergies HERE. We are dedicated to our products and dedicated to YOU. We look forward to you trying our flavors and helping us spread the love one kind cake at a time!!  

What’s the shelf life of your cupcakes? If the cupcakes stay sealed in a container, they will stay fresh at least four days, but can last even longer!! 

How should we store our cupcakes? We always suggest freezing them if you need to store them for weeks or months at a time. 

Check out this August of 2015 testimonial from a customer who froze cupcakes she received in May 2015:

I just finished the last batch of cupcakes I bought from you back in May. The last two had been frozen in my freezer since the end of May and they were still delicious! Just like the ones newly made.”  - Mary Ann Avola

If you pick up locally and need to store your cupcakes for a few days, simply leave them in a sealed container on the counter. They will last at least four days and typically last even longer! If you have cupcakes shipped* to you and you don’t need to freeze them, we suggest you don’t fight the feeling any longer, because the urge to eat our cupcakes just gets stronger….. So go ahead, enjoy, you deserve it!

Some people like to refrigerate their cupcakes, but this can often dry out your baked goods. Use your discretion with this method of storage.

How do we thaw the cupcakes? Take the cupcakes out of the container used for storage and transfer them to a fresh container to prevent excess condensation. Leave the cupcakes sealed in the fresh container on the countertop for 1-2 hours. 

Do you ship? YES, nationwide!!! 

How do we frost shipped cupcakes? View our tutorial video HERE.

How many calories are in your cupcakes? All of our cupcakes are under 250 calories. The Chocolate cupcake is only 200 calories! So go ahead, have a CUPCAKE y’all!

What kind of frosting do you use? Over our way, simplicity is king! Our vanilla frosting is made with organic, sustainable palm shortening and powdered sugar. 

Are your cupcakes non-GMO? While many of our ingredients are verified non-GMO, there are some that do not hold that verification. With regard to our flour base: there are 3 cupcake flavors containing a flour blend that is 95% verified non-GMO and 3 flavors that contain flour blend that is 100% verified non-GMO.  We make our own flour blends in house and use two different blends for our recipes, which is how we can determine those percentages. All of our ingredients meet the Whole Foods Market standard of acceptable ingredients. Other ingredients we use that are verified non-GMO are our non-dairy milks and our shortening.

Where can I buy your cupcakes? Locally, you can purchase cupcakes at Whole Foods Market in Nashville, TN; Whole Foods Market in Franklin, TN; Ugly Mugs in East Nashville; Hendersonville Produce in Hendersonville, TN; Kay Bob’s Grill and Ale in Hillsboro Village; and Atmalogy on West End Avenue in Nashville, TN.


Do you make anything other than cupcakes? This is subject to availability. We have the capability to make cakes for local pickup only in Nashville, Tennessee. We offer 4, 6, 8 and 10 inch cakes that are all two-layered and frosted all over. Please email to verify availability. 



*Disclaimer* Over here at The Kind Cake we take your allergies and sensitivity to certain foods very seriously. Joanna knows first hand how severe food allergies are, as she still suffers from them herself.  While our products are carefully crafted in a facility that is not food-allergen free, we maintain our dedication to keeping our ingredients and utensils sealed and separate from 'Top 8' major food allergens. For your safety, our company has established an allergen prevention plan that we follow every time we bake our products. You can learn more about Joanna's experience with food allergies and the company's allergen prevention plan HERE.

Fill out the form in the top right corner of this page if you have any questions that may not have been answered here. We think you're beautiful and want to make sure your questions are answered. We will respond as soon we can!