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Thank You Thursday (Teacher Appreciation Edition)

Posted on May 07, 2015 by Joanna Gaston

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week so I felt it fitting to recognize someone who was, to me, a shining example of what it means to be an educator…my dad. Most of you reading this already know, but for those of you who don’t, here’s the scoop on my dad: he was Headmaster at my school, a former football coach and was, of course, a teacher. He cared about his students and his faculty…really cared about them. I saw this firsthand. He was the first to arrive at school and the last to leave at day’s end. (I should know, because he was my ride, ha!)

I vividly remember a time when he was teaching and getting the kids ready for state testing. It was late at night, which wasn’t unusual for Dad when it came to work. He was sitting at the breakfast table, only you wouldn’t have recognized the surface as a table, rather, a blanket of papers. His method of teaching transcended the classroom into our home where he would prepare for hours, sacrificing time and rest, to ensure the kids were armed with all the cognitive tools needed for those dreaded [my word] state tests. I remember feeling so proud of him, really marveling at his dedication to the kids. This certainly wasn’t the only instance that Dad put others before himself, but it’s one that is forever etched in my memory because I not only saw the effort and care he put into the students’ learning experience, I felt it.

For all of the teachers out there who spend equal amounts of time in the classroom as they do working quietly behind closed doors to make this little world a lot better, THANK YOU. There are people out there who know what you go through and the sacrifices you make and I hope you know that one day you will be greatly rewarded for that.

"When life shows you how love should go, write the world a thank you note."

- The Kind Cake  

I believe in serendipity and I believe in things ordained by something that's infinitely bigger than me. Thank God for that.

with kindness,