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Thank You Thursday

Posted on August 14, 2014 by Joanna Gaston

This Thursday was a crazy one! Baking, delivering cakes, cleaning, making grocery store runs and setting up for a farmers market can make a day unrecognizably blurry. Luckily for me I had some amazing customers at the Whole Foods farmers market that made my day.......over and over again. I love talking with customers and getting to know them, really know them, and having them turn into kind cake "regulars"?........well that is such a joy for me! Yesterday I struck up a conversation with a customer, Cayla M., and learned about all the cool things she has going on. After our conversation she went on her way, kind cake in tow, but she didn't stay gone too long. About 20 minutes later she came back to the table at the market and said "I had to tell you that I completed my act of kindness in Whole Foods......" When I asked her what the act of kindness was she said "Tell someone they are beautiful" and proceeded to tell me the story. *check out the story below* After hearing the story I thought about everything that had gone on that day and how blurry it became during the hours spent on the farmers market preparation. But, in a 5 minute conversation, it quickly become very clear why we are still around, six months later, pushing through those moments. This "Thank You Thursday" I am so thankful for people like Cayla, who inspire us to stay the course, and never give up on this mission of kindness. 

 "When life shows you how love should go, write the world a thank you note."

- The Kind Cake  

I believe in serendipity and I believe in things ordained by something that's infinitely bigger than me. Thank God for that.

with kindness,


This made our day x 1,000,000!! Thanks Cayla!