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Thank You Thursday

Posted on June 19, 2014 by Joanna Gaston

WOAH! Today. Insane in the membrane. Y'all I'm so thankful for so much; my heart is like a balloon with way too much air in it's about to pop. We had a WONDERFUL day at the Whole Foods farmers market and I can't begin to express my gratitude for the people who showed up and for some news we received today that is very promising that I hope I can share with you all sooner rather than later! I know this is a short blog, but I will try to be more efficient with my blogging time, but I'm bakin' like a maniac y'all! I mean, I don't even have time to watch reruns of Matlock and Cheers. And here I thought the only thing that'd keep me from that was the apocalypse; nope, turns out it was cupcakes and I'm lovin' it. 
-everyone at Cheers' bar.


"When life shows you how love should go, just write the world a thank you note."

- The Kind Cake 

I believe in serendipity and I believe in things ordained by something that's infinitely bigger than me. Thank God for that.

with kindness,