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Pop-up Shop Success!

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Joanna Gaston

This past Saturday The Kind Cake had its first pop up shop at Ballyhoo in my hometown, Mendenhall, MS. It was a blast and a half!  I was in some really great company too! My sweet friends over at The Good South, Jason Welch and Steven Nelson, also had a popup that day and the people showed up in droves for their beautiful bow ties! Also, the talented author and actress, Chelsea Hankins, was there signing her latest book, Death of Eden! 

I LOVE my hometown and the people in it. I can't tell you just how grateful I am for the generosity, support and love they showed me this past weekend.  I come from the greatest town in the nation.....there, I said it. We are about 2,500 strong (3,500 counting outside city limits) and literally everyone knows almost everyone. I am so thankful to have roots in this little city with the biggest heart. 

To everyone who came out to show The Kind Cake some love, I can't thank you enough, seriously. Y'all are the ones who helped shape me into the person I am today and I love you for it.  I hope I can bring The Kind Cake back to its roots for another visit sooner rather than later!  Much love to every last one of ya!

I believe in serendipity and I believe in things ordained by something that's infinitely bigger than me. Thank God for that.

with kindness,


This was about the time when I was starvin' like Marvin 
and ready to eat every last one of those cakes you see. (smile!)
This is my mom being mom: amazing, supportive, loving and beautiful.
Me and Jason Welch, co-owner of The Good South;
a.k.a. brother from another mother, a.k.a. JDub.