"A little kindness in every cake"
The Kind Cake is on a mission to catalyze a kindness movement. Not only are these cakes delicious, they are vegan and gluten free! On the bottom of each cake wrapper, you will find your own personal act of kindness; one that we encourage you show someone else. Not only are you being kind to your body, you become an active part of a movement that is sure to bring a lot of needed joy into this world. We want to make kindness cool again. Joanna Gaston: Confection Communicator, Intern, Taste Tester, General Errand Runner, Floor Sweep. Joanna is a Mississippi native who took the scenic route to Nashville via Los Angeles. She did the acting thing, stumbled upon songwriting, realized her obsession with cooking and baking and then, BOOM, found herself in Nashville crankin' out kind cakes and country tunes (sometimes simultaneously, mostly in separate situations.) Who Is the Kind Cake?
Very Vanilla Bean topped with toasted coconut
Chocolate topped with sea salt crystals
CARROT CAKE *All of our kind cakes are topped with almond milk icing.

We have thoughtfully prepared these acts of kindness with you, the awesome human, in mind. These days it's so easy to get wrapped up in things gone wrong rather than focusing on and hoping for the positive. The acts of kindness that come with each cake may be small, but sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact. We hope you will join us in our quest to make this little world a lot kinder.


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