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"A little kindness in every cake"

Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake $ 3.00
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Chocolate $ 3.00
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Nana Bread
Nana Bread $ 3.00
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Vanilla $ 3.00
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  • "A snack that's good for the body, good for humanity and just plain good. It's the kind of cake cupcakes kinda wanna be!"  - J. Morris 
  • "I ordered a dozen assorted kind cakes that were delivered to my office in Nashville and everyone enjoyed them! Thanks for your kindness, Joanna!"  - Rachel Howard
  • "Not only do these kind cakes taste good...they are healthy! Plus, on the bottom of every wrapper there is an inspirational action to act out! I SAID! Tastes good, healthy and inspirational!"  - Rick Carone
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