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"A little kindness in every cake"

The Carrot Cake
The Carrot Cake from $ 3.00
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The Chocolate
The Chocolate from $ 3.00
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The Nana Bread
The Nana Bread from $ 3.00
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The Vanilla
The Vanilla from $ 3.00
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The Lemonade
The Lemonade from $ 3.00
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  • "A snack that's good for the body, good for humanity and just plain good. It's the kind of cake cupcakes kinda wanna be!"  - J. Morris 
  • "I ordered a dozen assorted kind cakes that were delivered to my office in Nashville and everyone enjoyed them! Thanks for your kindness, Joanna!"  - Rachel Howard
  • "Not only do these kind cakes taste good...they are healthy! Plus, on the bottom of every wrapper there is an inspirational action to act out! I SAID! Tastes good, healthy and inspirational!"  - Rick Carone
  • "I was absolutely amazed by the taste of these cakes! The flavor went beyond my expectations! They were very moist in texture. The most amazing thing about them is they're gluten free! Finally, dessert that is great tasting and gluten free. Try them. You won't be disappointed."   - Charles Jones
  • "Amazing! Super moist and super tasty! So nice to find awesome gluten free cupcakes! I love them!" - Shelby Bluthardt
  • "I ordered two dozen to share at work and they were delivered promptly and with a smile after heavy morning traffic. These are absolutely amazing. You can't tell the difference in these and regular cupcakes except they really are good for you! I'll be ordering again!" - Lavanda Watson 
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